Full Body Mannequin Female Adjustable Removable Stand - Female Mannequin Body Costume Form, Realistic Display with Metal Base for Clothing Store Wedding Shop Festival Cosplay, Black

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  • Versatile & Wide Range Of Uses: Kinsuite mannequins are beautifully designed with accurate stats for a 33" bust, 24" waist, and 34" hips. Mannequin bodies can fulfill your fantasy of any outfit, such as dresses, shirts, short sleeves, and all kinds of accessories. There is a place for mannequins at any clothing store, clothing show, or even a holiday cosplay event.
  • Easy Pose Switching: The mannequin female dummy can be in any pose, not only can turn the head 360°, but also adjust the arms and legs, you can adjust the mannequin according to your fashion preferences.
  • Stable & Safe: The bottom of the Kinsuite female mannequin is supported by a rectangular metal base and aluminum metal support rods to ensure the stability of the mannequin, allowing you to use the mannequin body more safely and with confidence.
  • Lightweight & Easy To Clean: Kinsuite Detachable Body Stand weighs only 17.42 lbs, allowing you to detach the mannequin and take the mannequin anywhere you want for added convenience. At the same time, the cleaning of the mannequin is also very convenient, you only need to wipe the mannequin with a damp towel, and the mannequin will look brand new.
  • Durable & Strong: The mannequins are made of durable and unbreakable plastic material, so ordinary accidents will not have any effect on the mannequins, and you can use the mannequin with confidence for a long time to come.


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