Kinfant Mannequin Torso, 70 Inch Full Body Female Mannequin, Detachable Manikin Mannequin Stand Realistic Mannequin Body Display with Metal Base

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☝Adjustable Posture: Every part of the mannequin is detachable. Mannequin body head, arms and legs are adjustable, head can turn 360°, switch to any posture as you like. It is better to effect with fashion clothes by the vivid mannequin.

☝DURABLE MANNEQUIN: The mannequin model is made of high-quality PP material, and every step is carefully crafted, to better display the effect of trying on clothes. The realistic mannequin has a vivid facial expression, giving people a real feeling helps to convey taste and charm of the clothes.

☝LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE: This lightweight detachable mannequin full body stand weighs only 17.42 lbs, making it ideal for any need. The arm, legs and head of this realistic mannequin are detachable for easy storage. You can bring this manikin body to your store or studio.

☝STABLE METAL BASE: The mannequin base made of durable and solid metal. The large rectangular chassis has enough area to support the mannequin. It ensures the stableness and sturdiness of the mannequin.

☝FITS ALL KINDS OF CLOTHES: With standard statistics of 33" chest, 24" waist, & 34" hip, this realistic mannequin female stand can fit any type of clothing like shirts, dress, jacket, blouse & accessories.



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