Kinsuite Power Tool Organizer Wall-mounted - Garage Tool Organizer Wall Mount & Storage with 4 Drill Holder, Power Tool Organizer Hanging Wall Mounted for Garage

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Rich power tool organizer: Kinsuite wall-mounted power tool organizer features 2 levels of open shelves and 4 drill holders. Can be used to store wrenches, drills, batteries and chargers, screwdrivers, power strips and more tool parts or accessories.

Convenient Wall Mounting: Kinsuite power tool organizer can be easily fixed on the wall of the tool room, warehouse, etc. with expansion screws, so that all the tools you need are neatly placed on the shelf, so that you can find your most suitable tools at a glance. the tool you need.

Durable Material: Kinsuite drill organizer uses solid carbon steel as the main material, which is stronger, more beautiful and more durable than other similar products.

Excellent gift: Sleek and durable tool organizer keeps tools from cluttering up and keeps your work organized. The jumping color scheme makes work come alive too, this is definitely a great gift for father/husband/brother/friend.

Quick Installation: We equip you with detailed instructions and simple installation accessories that allow you to complete installation work quickly. Just align the reserved holes and tighten the screws to fix it on the wall.


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