Kintness 11’Stand Up Paddle Board - Extra Wide Inflatable Standing Boat with Premium Sup Accessories & Backpack Paddle Leash Pump Non-Slip Deck

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☝3 removable fins: Kintness stand up paddle board is equipped with three fins of different sizes for you to choose whether to install or not. The fishtail gives the skateboard more traction, provides a larger contact area, and increases your speed.

☝Selected Durable Material: Kintness paddle board adopts PBV brushed surface to improve the overall durability, making the paddle board lighter and stronger, which can work longer in high-intensity and high-impact environments.

☝More anti-slip design: Kintness inflatable paddle board In order to increase stability and safety, the surface is made of EVA material to make anti-slip pad, which increases friction. An additional ankle strap is provided to secure it, improving overall safety.

☝Comprehensive configuration: The equipped bag includes 1 paddle board, 1 adjustable paddle, 1 waterproof bag, 1 repair tool, 1 ankle strap, 1 hand pump, 3 removable fins, inflatable release 1 air valve. The waterproof backpack allows you to use it during exercise.

☝Safe and stable board: Kintness paddle board can be used for sports, play, transportation, etc. after being inflated, suitable for calm lakes, rivers and ports. The 132"*33.7" size can support most people's weight.


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