Kinbor Baby Table and 2 Chair Set Kids 3-Piece Furniture Set with Storage Rack Kiddie-Sized Activity Table Desk Sets, Purple

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❤️ Perfect Fit for Kids: The height of this furniture is just right for toddlers and preschool-aged children. Giving your little one a table and chair set at their size gives them a sense of control and helps them learn independence. It allows your kids to have their own lovely furniture for eating, reading, writing, drawing and playing.

💙 Storage Design: There is a storage shelf under the table to provide your kid with a large storage space. It can be used to store many things such as toys, snacks, books and develop children's finishing skills.

❤️ Safe and Durable: All surfaces of the children's table and children's chair are smooth, smooth and burr-free, not scratching the child and safe for the child.

💚 Intimate & Ergonomic Design: Our chairs with backrests and armrests provide effective back support and help children have the correct sitting position

💛 Easy Assembly: Easy to install and assemble, no tools needed, just need to easily spin on the four feet, the installation can be completed.


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