Kinsunny Garden Cart Rolling Work Seat with Tool Tray Outdoor Utility Lawn Patio Yard Wagon Scooter for Planting with Adjustable Handle 360 Degree Swivel Seat, Blue

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☞Material: Heavy duty and high durability metal construction with up to 310-lb weight capacity, powder coated to prevent rusting and corrosion

☞360 Degree Swivel Seat: You could work for a long time on the seat, height adjustable and seat can swivel

☞Wheels: The diameter of each wheel is 10'', surface pattern Increases friction to avoid slip

☞Storage Space: It designed with a tray under the seat and a basket on the back to store more kits for convenience

☞Handle: The handle is adjustable for convenient using


  1. Well built - but be sure you're a person who knows how to build things
    Ok. This whole cart came unassembled. You'll need to do a variety of things to survive the assembly process. First, do NOT take apart any of the screws that are assembled. I think that was their way of helping you. Put all the 10 small ones that are assembled together, then the others in small groups. The biggest ones are the seat ones - have a screwdriver flat top. The smaller ones were for just about everything. The next set are for the wheels - four. The red rods cover the silver rod that go through a square hole [it'll be obvious and you can see it on the diagram]. FYI - you'll find some flat red pieces that are front and backs for attaching the plastic basket and the metal one. If you have a friend, this assembly will go faster [or at least you can both irritate each other and give directions]. There's a long rod to attach the long handle rod to red metal pieces which are very obvious as they cover the silver rod [thank God]. Now, once you've screwed on all the pieces [after you look at the worst diagram on the planet], you'll need to tighten everything. I'm going to give you a serious tip - measure the tools to the heads of the screws/bolts BEFORE screwing it all together. You'll have to hold one side and tighten the other. I ended up using my dad's tools with these circles on the end and an open hole thing on the other. Basically, you need to keep the screw steady to tighten it. I put the rubber facing out on the bolt thingies. Now, you will need a BIG screwdriver for putting on the seat last. I thought I'd warn you. If you don't have a good toolkit, you'll want to find a neighbor who's got a big one as I ended up measuring a ton until I found everything I needed. FYI - It is GREAT once it's done. It took my mom and me about an hour to put it together. We did tip it at one point to get a good hold onto the bolts. She tested it out and it appears we did assemble it correctly. The key was organizing all the items into their respective groupings. Good luck! It was worth the assembly process and will safe my mom serious back pain. The wheels are very sturdy and it's designed well [just has the worlds worst directions].

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