Kinfant Female Mannequin 31-45 Inch Height Adjustable Torso Dress with Metal Base Stand, Countertop Craft Shows Tabletop Clothing Display, Cool Supermodel

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☞Display in different poses: The hand joints of Kinsuite female body model can be adjusted, and the head can be rotated 360° to present the most ideal display effect for clothing matching or accessories display.

☞Stable & anti-falling chassis: The chassis of the mannequin is made of high-quality metal material, which is durable and ensures that the whole is not easy to fall. The support bar can adjust the overall height of the model, and the total rise height is 0”~15.8” to suit the needs of different lengths of clothing.

☞Multiple uses: Clothing stores, window displays, shopping malls, supermarkets, showrooms, tailors, etc. all need this adjustable female mannequin, which can perfectly display your cos costumes and props at home.

☞Detachable design: Kinfant mannequin head, hands and arms are detachable for easy portability. The standing weight of the entire body is only 13.2 pounds, and you can easily change her position.

☞Standard body type: Kinfant female models have a 33" bust and 24" waist with a standard body type that can be worn in different materials, shapes and sizes.


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