Kinpaw Cat Tree 66” Multi Level Cat Tower Activity Trees Kitten Condo Scratching Posts Kitty Play House Grey

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♥Conform to Natural Instinct: 66.3” tall-built cat tree with top large perch panders to these born climbers’ desire to stay up high while looking down at kingdom as they please. Your fat kitties won’t lack of exercise any more, as this innovative playhouse will help them keep fit by climbing or jumping through platforms in different levels. Moreover, durable sisal scratching posts meet cat’s needs of sharping claws. Not your furniture any more.

♥Modern Recreation Center: No need to search a park outside, your fur babies can also experience the same well-being as in this tree! Our modern and elegant cat tower is a perfect blend of utility and aesthetics which will add luster to your room. 5-layered palace makes them have fun to inspect their territory. It’s overwhelmingly seductive to fight with these exclusive hanging catnip stuffed balls for your frisky kitten.

♥Super Solid Construction: Stability and safety is always priority. Certified P2 particleboard wood adds large bottom ribs reinforce the base to ensure overall stability. Strengthened supporting posts offer the perches platform on top a strong support for additional balance to avoid wobbling. The underlying ladder not only is a fun spot for cats to stretch the body, it also helps increase strength and durability. The platform can load up to 40 pounds.

♥Luxury Private Apartment: 2 specious hideaway rooms are specially designed for your beloved cat to hide away and savor the quiet solitude. Wrapped with soft flannelette fabric throughout, entire tower offers paws-approved warmth and cozy tactile. On a sunny afternoon, your little one can catch some rays while lounging on large ‘balcony’ or drifts off into sweet dreamland inside the cozy condo.

♥Quick Assembly: What a surprise! Your feline friends must be eager to experience those recreation facilities when receive this wonderful gift. But you aren’t a DIY expert? It’s OK. Comes with our detailed instructions and labeled components to support you step-by-step, kitties can enjoy it in no time. Can't wait to hear their enthusiastically purr!


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