Kinpaw 96” Chicken Coop Hen House - Outdoor Wooden Rabbit Hutch Hen House Cage Poultry Cage with Run Cage, Backyard Cage, Egg Box & Waterproof Roof

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❁Wheel Design: Unlike most chicken coops on the market, Kinpaw coop has two sturdy wheels under the main house, which will make it easier for you to move the coop. The wheel is fixed at the front of the whole, which also helps to save you energy.

❁Durable Materials: Kinpaw chicken coop is constructed of fir wood and bitumen waterproofing. The sturdy frame, rustic look, and high-quality wire mesh not only last long, but also provide a warm and comfortable home for pets.

❁Indoor/Outdoor Protection: Indoor solid fir-structured poles can be used to park animals, solid wood boxes can be used for small animals to feed their young, and small windows provide them with air. Outdoor barbed wire protects the animals from other creatures while allowing them to breathe fresh air and play.

❁Easy To Clean: The bottom of the main house has a smooth-surfaced pull-out tray. You can pull out the tray at any time to dispose of small animal waste. This will ensure your pet is in a clean and comfortable environment.

❁Large Living Space: Kinpaw chicken coop is very spacious. The overall dimensions are 96.3" L x 31.5" W x 46.4" H, and the runway dimensions are 56" L x 31.5" W x 31.5" H, which can accommodate five or six chickens at a time. The spacious space also provides a more comfortable life for our pets.


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