Kinpaw 68” Large Bird Cage - Play Top and Rolling Stand Iron Bird Cages for Parakeets Conures Lovebird Cockatiel Pet House Wrought Iron Birdcage, Black

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♥Birdie's Luxury Apartment: Away from boring and crowded places, let your pet live in a spacious and rich new home! With a cozy room, multiple resting spots, a fun toy, and a spacious playground on top, the Kinpaw Large Birdcage elevates a bird's life and keeps them energized.

♥Excellent Playground: Not only are natural wood perches set up inside, Kinpaw bird cage also sets an open multi-purpose play place on top to increase the bird's happiness. Have fun with your pets!

♥Removable Wheels: 4 removable wheels at the bottom allow you to easily push the cage anywhere, and the lockable design also keeps the cage in place. When the weather is nice, take your kids out to the yard to soak up the sun.

♥Safeguarding the bird's safety: Kinpaw large iron birdcage is made of heavy-duty wrought iron, and the surface of the cage is processed and protected with a safe powder coating, which makes this birdcage strong and durable, while having a comfortable and healthy surface. Give your bird a comfortable living space.

♥Make cleaning easy: The bottom and the top are respectively installed with freely detachable trays to collect pet excrement and dropped food residues, and keep a certain distance from the iron cage, which can keep the surrounding environment tidy and make it easier to clean. Your cleanup just got easier.


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