Kinbor 46” Hand Hold Bodyboard - Lightweight Surfing Board with 3 Grips for Parent-Child Beginners Kids Adults for Beach Sea Water Park Pool, Yellow

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☝Embrace the Summer Ocean: On hot summer days, the wind and waves while surfing can refresh you. Kinsuite surfboard parent-child surfboard can be used by two people together, bring your child to enjoy the fun of surfing together! It works great whether at the ocean, beach, river, pool or water park.

☝Start with raw materials: High quality, durable closed cell ultralight foam, XPE deck with EPS core and finish with smooth PP bottom panel. The slippery bottom of HDPE adds stiffness and increases speed. It works for both warm and cold water.

☝Double Safety: Kinsuite parent-child surfboard has 3 handles, enough for two people to use together.The attached wrist strap acts as your support and helps you adjust your body position and stance. At leisure, the wrist strap also acts as a leash, preventing your surfboard from drifting away.

☝Science at the heart of design: Kinsuite ultralight surfboards are equipped with an ultra-slippery bottom that minimizes friction to help you navigate changing surf conditions and help you soar over the ocean for a great surfing experience.

☝Dynamic Design: Bright yellow is a beautiful and safe choice. The impact of colors and waves will bring you a good summer mood. If you have any questions about your body panels, please contact us and we will try to solve them for you.


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